RLCOH to Unveil Gamechanging Scoring System for Legislators

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Ohio will be holding the Ohio Liberty Index Presentation this Saturday, November 14th at 11AM at Williams on the Lake, 787 Lafayette Rd, Medina, Ohio 44256. During this event, the RLCOH will be unveiling two new tools: the Ohio Candidate Liberty Index and the Ohio Legislator Liberty Index. Both will be available at rlcoh.org, and will provide a Liberty Index score to every sitting legislator in the Ohio House and Senate, as well as any Republican candidates for state legislative offices.


Republican Liberty Caucus of Ohio Urges a 'NO' Vote on Issue 1

In 2012, there was a State Issue 1 that also dealt with voting districts. At the heart of the old issue was detailed criteria for voting districts that would have kept districts compact and ensured communities could not be split in order to accommodate a political whim of the majority party seeking to wipe out prevailing views of your neighborhood. We were begged to vote against the 2012 measure because they said it was too complicated and gave power to an unelected board (which was the point). They promised real reform if we voted down the measure.

Less Than One Month Until the Republican Liberty Caucus of Ohio Announces Liberty Index Scorecard

(Columbus, Ohio) October 16, 2015: The Republican Liberty Caucus of Ohio (RLCOH) announces plans to unveil the first liberty index of all sitting Ohio legislators. In addition, GOP candidates will be surveyed and potentially endorsed by the RLCOH, a state charter of the National Republican Liberty Caucus.

Republican Liberty Caucus Elects New National Board

NASHUA, NH - The Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) elected a new board at its biennial convention this weekend.

Matt Nye was re-elected Chairman, while Immediate Past Chairman and South Central Regional Director Dave Nalle was elected Vice Chairman. RLC New Hampshire chairman Aaron Day is the new Treasurer, and John Dennis, Immediate Past Chairman of the organization’s California charter, is the new Secretary.