Charita is a victim of sexual abuse and has never been able to completely overcome her rape. Joanna is a transgendered woman who has been using gender-specific public accommodations as a woman for 15 years. Could it be that the latest partisan battle surrounding gender-specific public accommodations is making things worse for both Charita and Joanna? Should we force Charita to feel unsafe or Joanna to become a criminal?

RLC National Board Endorses Congressman Thomas Massie for Kentucky's 4th CD

WASHINGTON, DC - The national board of the Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) has voted unanimously to endorse Thomas Massie in his reelection bid to the U.S. House of Representatives from Kentucky’s 4th Congressional District. Congressman Massie is a favorite of libertarian leaning voters who appreciate his efforts to protect gun rights and civil liberties, and for taking a leadership role in the removal of Speaker John Boehner.

How Does the RLCOH Legislative Committee Decide the Official Stance on Bills?

- by Mike Newbern, Chairman, Legislative Affairs Committee


Republican Liberty Caucus of Ohio Announces Supported Candidates in the Ohio Legislative Primary Election

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Ohio (RLCOH) today published its Candidate Liberty Index Scorecard for state legislative primary elections next month.

The RLCOH calls itself the “Conscience of the Ohio GOP.”  Says RLCOH Chairman Bill Yarbrough, “Our role is critical to the success of the Republican brand. Ohio GOP leadership is tasked with winning elections and the RLCOH complements this effort.  The RLCOH helps to ensure those most likely to win are also those who best exhibit the values and around which the party is organized.”