Congratulations to the RLCOH Supported and Endorsed Candidates

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Ohio (RLCOH) congratulates their supported candidates and members who have won election to the Ohio House of Representatives.

The RLCOH calls itself the “Conscience of the Ohio GOP.” Says RLCOH Chairman Bill Yarbrough, “Our role is critical to the success of the Republican brand. Ohio GOP leadership is tasked with winning elections and the RLCOH complements this effort. The RLCOH helps to ensure those most likely to win are also those who best exhibit the values and around which the party is organized.”

What the Trump Victory Means for Ohio

I am an insurgent Republican long since fed-up with our party and direction as a nation. Donald Trump won the presidency due in no small part to others like me. I have personally been highly critical of Mr. Trump and, for most of us, he was not our first choice. In the end, many of my colleagues chose to support our President-elect. I accept the national verdict. The debate now moves from Trump-the-candidate to what a Trump-led nation will look like.

RLCOH Holds Bi-Annual Convention in Columbus, Ohio

Liberty-minded Ohio Republicans met for the Republican Liberty Caucus of Ohio 2016 Convention on Saturday, September 24th at King Avenue Five in Columbus.  Top leaders from all over Ohio were in attendance – Republicans who believe that Ohio should be a state that stands on Constitutional and free market principles.

RLC Joins the 1st Amendment Alliance

On October 1, the congressional deadline to prevent the IRS from trampling over the free-speech rights of nonprofits will expire. In early August, the Tax Revolution Institute (TRI) — a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that promotes “justice and integrity in the tax system” — launched the First Amendment Alliance (1AA): a nonpartisan effort to protect the free-speech rights of nonprofits. The Alliance now has over 50 groups that represent every segment of the political spectrum and civil society.