Mission & Values

Values – Individual Rights, Limited Government, Free Enterprise
Mission – To grow the Republican Party in Ohio as an effective vehicle for liberty

Key Objectives
Substantially grow membership and brand
Substantially grow influence over and accountability of candidates and elected officials
Effectively shape the direction of the Ohio Republican Party
We will do this through the following priorities:
Coordinating with all liberty-minded groups and individuals in Ohio to ensure an amplified influence over party strategy and direction.
Building a strong local affiliate network to grow membership and influence statewide.
Implementing a Central Committee strategy for electing candidates to state central committee and select county committees as our affiliate strategy will allow.
Focusing our Candidate Review efforts around learning from 2016 and establishing a one-of-a-kind Judicial Candidate offering for Ohio voters.
Capitalizing on our Legislative Liberty Index framework to more quickly and efficiently target legislation for support or defeat, persuading legislators and the public early in the process.
Optimizing all our communication vehicles to effectively persuade the media, elected officials, membership and the public